Pharmaceutical ERP Solutions

AdaptaLogix provides templatized pharmaceutical ERP solutions and personalized modules based on IP & industry best practices. Within our ERP modules, global financials, GMP-compliant manufacturing, CMO supply chains, and commercial solutions, you’ll find every product you need with our pharmaceutical ERP solutions.
Global Financials

Global Financials

Accounting systems for global ERP modules systems can’t be a one-size-fits-all situation. The scale of clinical studies can rapidly expand and your system needs to be able to keep up with industry-specific needs.

With AdaptaLogix’s templated global financial solutions, you’ll get a NetSuite ERP platform with an industry-specific IP that features automation for clinical trial contract accruals and approved/DOA workflow.

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You’ll also get tailored functionality with additional resources, including:

  • Multi-entity & multi-currency
  • Streamlined Procure-to-pay for Pharma
  • Contract Lifecycle Management &
    Accrual Automation
  • SOX compliance & Easy Auditing
  • ADLX approval modules
  • Advanced Reporting Mechanisms
Outsourced Supply Chain

CMO Supply Chains

When you need to outsource your manufacturing operations to a contract manufacturing organization (CMO), AdaptaLogix’s CMO supply chain is of significant benefit. Our CMO Supply Chain Module is tailored to pharma, biotech, and medical device companies and built with user simplicity in mind. We provide visibility into your contract manufacturing with dashboards that track your deliverables and tie directly into your financial reporting and forecasting. Our supply chain modules sync all your data into one system, presenting the metrics you need while keeping everything else accessible, but just out of sight. Striking the ultimate balance between ease of use and the ability to drill down to any level of detail, our system is implemented with both the user experience and practicality as a top priority.

We build tailored, compliant supply chains that match your unique needs with features such as:

  • Purchasing and procurement
  • Purchase receipts
  • Transfer orders
  • Arm’s length transfer pricing
  • Vendor/materials onboarding
  • Work orders and assemblies
  • Lot control and traceability
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GMP Validation Services
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In-House GMP-Compliant Manufacturing

Standard NetSuite software can handle generic manufacturing processes for most companies. However, cell and gene therapy, biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies need a more specialized, GMP-compliant process. That is where AdaptaLogix’s Manufacturing Bundle comes in.

With our manufacturing system, you get traditional Tier 1 solutions at 10% of the cost, meaning you get the GMP compliant MRP solutions you need at a price you can afford. AdaptaLogix’s GMP-compliant manufacturing solutions are IP added onto:

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  • WMS/Barcoding
    • Pick, Pack, Ship
  • Manufacturing WIP & Routing
  • Demand Planning
  • Quality Management
    • Quality specifications & inspections
    • Table data collection
    • Reporting & Integration
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  • GxP Vendor & Material Onboarding
  • Approved suppliers/materials list
  • GxP Purchasing, Inventory, Manufacturing Processes
  • GxP Final product release
  • Security Configuration
  • CFR 21 Part 11 compliance
  • Dashboards, reports and alerts
  • GMP Validation Services
Commercial Pharma

Commercial Solutions

Although your data may be collected from various sources, it can still be connected to one system. Our commercial solutions allow you to connect into our integrated 3PLs for simplified data collection, easy forecasting, projections, and demand planning.

With AdaptaLogix, you get:

  • 3PL integrations
    • Revenue capture
      • Cash receipts
    • Inventory movements/forecasting
    • Revenue movements/forecasting
  • Gross-to-net
  • Sunshine Act reporting
  • FDA reporting
 Commercial Solutions