AdaptaLogix Commercial Solutions

Pharmaceutical companies have many points of commercial data information requiring tracking and alignment. With AdaptaLogix, you can combine all of your revenue and inventory movements as well as forecast inventory and revenue projections into a simple system. Connect your 3PL into our system to easily get gross-to-net calculations that meet all FDA and Sunshine Act reporting requirements.

Commercial Solutions

3PL Integrations

If you are using third-party logistics (3PL) for order fulfillment, this information needs to be integrated into your regular revenue and inventory data. With AdaptaLogix, we provide a complete revenue capture, including cash receipts, for commercial pharma companies.

We also provide inventory movements and forecasting as well as revenue movements and forecasting to give you a complete picture of your 3PL integrations.


A gross-to-net (GTN) calculation is used to calculate the net (pre-tax) amount of a transaction once the gross amount (total expense amount, including taxes) is included. This is important for tax purposes, to understand how much is being spent or made, and how much of that sum is taxable.

Sunshine Act Reporting

  • Name
  • Business address
  • Physician specialty
  • National provider identifier
  • State license number
  • Value of the payment or transfer of value
  • Name of the related device
  • A description of the form of payment (e.g., cash, in-kind items or services, stock)
  • Date of payment or transfer of value
  • Nature of payment or transfer of value (e.g., consulting, food, travel, education)
  • Clinical Research: Principle Investigator

With all of our supply chain sales, MRP calculations, and manufacturing processes, we ensure that your data is properly catalogued and reported to meet Sunshine Act and FDA requirements.