Global Financial Solutions for Pharmaceuticals

Pharmaceutical clinical studies can rapidly morph and expand, but most business software platforms struggle to keep up with the changes. In the past, when simple business software wasn’t enough, the only other option was to settle for a highly complex legacy IT system. That was until AdaptaLogix global financial solutions for pharmaceuticals came along.

We understand that those outdated one-size-fits-all accounting systems can’t adequately address industry-specific needs, and they lack Tier 1 ERP solutions for many pharmaceutical companies — especially when researching rare and orphan diseases. AdaptaLogix addressed these issues by enhancing the base NetSuite platform with industry-specific IP to meet the financial solution needs for pharma companies.

The Pharma Bundle is a templated approach that features contract accruals automation and approval, delegation of authority workflows, supply chain connection, and more. View our financial solutions below to build a personalized program that works for your company.

Global Financials Graphic

Multi-Entity and Multi-Currency

Pharmaceutical companies typically operate on a global scale, meaning they deal in various markets around the world. This means that between multiple entities, multiple currencies, and multiple statutory reporting requirements, financials for pharma companies can be tricky.

With AdaptaLogix, our tailor-made, cloud-based solutions automate your consolidations and eliminations across all entities and currencies. Currently, our NetSuite system supports statutory reporting for over 110 countries.

NetSuite also provides:

  • ERP, CRM, HR, and Business Intelligence solutions
  • Engaging and organizing leads with KPI reports and workflows
  • Personalized ROI and user adoption

Wherever your company stands in handling other corporations and currencies, AdaptaLogix is here to help.

Procure-to-Pay for Pharma

Procure-to-pay methods seamlessly integrate purchasing and accounts payable processes. This helps maximize your company’s efficiency and creates interdepartmental visibility for all procurement processes. With our AdaptaLogix approval modules, you can quickly approve transitions and make payments with ease.

Contract Management

The AdaptaLogix Pharma Bundle offers a contract expense accrual management module for pharma companies. This module automates labor-intensive accrual methodologies, allows for direct input, directs connection into contract lifecycle management, and syncs solutions right into deliverables.

SOX Compliance

AdaptaLogix Approval Modules

The AdaptaLogix approval module gives you portal-based access to a variety of financial information, including:

  • Viewing and approving transactions
  • Searching entity records
  • Accessing new vendors
  • Reviewing general ledger accounts

Within this dashboard, you’ll easily see which approvals are outstanding, overdue, or completed without having to guess where to search for the information. You also have the ability to set or change your delegation of authority/authority matrix as needed, making elevated requests simple and easy to track with time and date stamps.

Our approval module offers:

  • Group approvals
  • Approval step handling
  • Clear, concise workflows
  • Easy, connected notation for every approval
  • Built-in delegation of authority/authority matrix

For all of your financial approvals, the AdaptaLogix Approval Module is exactly what you need.

Advanced Reporting

Pharmaceutical companies have many moving parts when it comes to clinical trials and their expenses. Our advanced reporting system is specifically optimized for pharma, meaning you have all of your information neatly collated and contained in one place.

You can review your financial reports in a variety of ways, including by:

  • Class
  • Department
  • Candidate
  • Indication
  • Lab
  • Trial-by-trial basis

This system makes advanced reporting easier than ever.