Why AdaptaLogix

AdaptaLogix has been offering unique ERP solutions for pharma companies since 2016. We pride ourselves on helping companies like yours streamline processes and improve business performance with simple, effective results. Here, you’ll learn about who we are and what we can do for your company.

What is AdaptaLogix

What Is AdaptaLogix?

If you are looking for financial and data solutions for pre-revenue and early commercial pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device companies, AdaptaLogix has the ERP solutions you need.

We took the standard NetSuite platform and enhanced it with our IP to create the most mature and scalable ERP platform for pharma companies. Our team has perfected the roadmap for successfully launching your drug or product, for whatever phase you are in (2, 2b, and 3).

AdaptaLogix has decades of experience and knowledge in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries. We’ve created solutions that reduce risk and time to close, increase auditability and efficiency, all inside a centralized platform for your data.

How AdaptaLogix Got Started

Combined, our founding partners have decades of experience in pharmaceuticals, accounting, system engineering, development, and administration. Together, they recognized the complexity present in biotech and pharma start-ups and the lack of dedicated solutions.

How AdaptaLogix Got Started

The options were a customizable and expensive Tier 1 solution, or one of the various one-size-fits-all ERP systems and solution partners. The market lacked dedicated solutions for pharmaceutical companies that could meet the needs of a ten employee pre-clinical company while being able to scale up and support a commercial pharmaceutical company, while also being with multiple candidates, hundreds of employees, and a large global footprint.

After exercising due diligence in our evaluation of which platform to build on, AdaptaLogix began optimizing the NetSuite offerings with industry-specific IP models to create templatized solution implementations that solved the issues facing small to mid-market pharma companies of every size and candidate phase.

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As a result of investing years and millions of dollars into development, AdaptaLogix has become the first and only pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device focused ERP & MRP Solutions Provider for mid-market and pre-revenue pharma.

Our ERP solutions focus on building scalable system architectures starting with global financial accounting modules.

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Once you grow, we add supply chain modules.

What is AdaptaLogix

We have modules for companies that leverage CMOs and outsourced manufacturing…

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…as well as complete in-house GMP compliant manufacturing solutions that we have implemented around the world with our cell and gene therapy clients.

Once you are commercial, we connect you into our 3PL integrations and bolster your accounting functionalities with demand planning and forecasting capabilities.

How AdaptaLogix Can Help You

At AdaptaLogix, we are not collecting your system requirements — we are confirming what you will need. When you work with us, you’ll get a completely individualized experience and templatized solutions optimized to fit your company’s needs and scale seamlessly.

Our main services include:

You can incorporate each of these services into your business processes or just choose one or two that you need to really thrive.

Commercial Solutions

We help our clients with:

  • Reducing time on close
  • Global consolidations/eliminations
  • MRP System Architectures for
    facilities manufacturing in-house
  • Forecasting and planning
  • Inventory costing
  • Transfer pricing
  • Contract management
  • Any business system challenges

With exceptional value, service, and guidance, AdaptaLogix gives you the knowledge and tools you need to improve your pharma business.

We have supported

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Commercial Products

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Our Company Goal

AdaptaLogix has taken the world’s most mature & capable cloud computing ERP system and tailored it to the complex needs of pre-revenue pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device companies. Our expertise in pharma comes from former pharma staff across all departments that recognized the need for Tier 1 ERP and MRP solutions without the required resources of a Tier 1 solution. Since its inception, AdaptaLogix’s mission has been to deliver complete white-glove ERP/MRP deployments exclusively to the pharmaceutical industry.